Rockt is a Monopoly-like game that takes place on Toronto's streetcar network. Users check in on a mobile application, vying for control of Toronto transport. Rockt is a Django site with a MongoDB back end. It exposes a REST API which the HTML5 mobile app interacts with.
Statusbot is a Jabber bot that posts Jabber statuses (Presences) to Twitter. It uses Twisted and Wokkel, and oauth2 is a short-term URL shortener, ideal for transferring a long URL from one device (e.g. a phone) to another. An Android application allows the sharing of URLs from within other applications. The backend is written in Django, and the web frontend uses Bootstrap because so does everyone else.
Friendheat is a webapp that shows a heatmap of your Facebook friends. It uses the Google Maps API, the Facebook API, jQuery, and Tornado to cache geocoding requests.
This is a drawing demo created for a class, written in Javascript. Uses jQuery and the HTML5 canvas element.
I use this application to manage an inventory of my possessions. It's written in Ruby for Sinatra, and uses CouchDB for storage. HAML and JQuery are used for rendering views.
Yes, this is a little meta. This site was developed using Django. I know it isn't the most attractive website you've ever seen. Cut me some slack, the designer hat doesn't fit me very well.
UTORdroid is an Android app for logging in to the University of Toronto campus wireless network. It uses the TagSoup library, which implements the SAX api. There's now a 802.1x-based network, so it's pretty much useless.
Originally written in pure Javascript. Re-factored with JQuery for cross-platform compatibility. Colors stolen from the Tango Project Guidlines. Valid CSS and HTML5.